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Joseph Tan j.tan at softhome.net
Sat Oct 19 09:30:10 EDT 2002

Hi Pascal,

I'm wondering, what is the output of /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status ?

I remember running benchmarks earlier this year with the Asus A7A266. I
couldn't get AGP working under Windows or Linux. The Nvidia drivers
reported dropping to a PCI-like mode and my benchmarks were easily half
that of a similar machine. This was particularly true in SPECViewPerf (a
workstation benchmark suite).

FYI, I did some benchmarking a few days ago between the UT2003 Linux and
Windows ports. With all the talk about how the OpenGL version ought to
be slower, I found the two ports to be neck-to-neck.

I presume the three ascending FPS values are min/med/max values. The
min/med/max scores compare very well with Windows, but I can't
understand why even though min/med/max are higher than Windows the final
scores are still lower. Makes me suspicious as to how it's calculated.
Can someone shed some light on this?

Mandrake Linux 9.0 (OpenGL renderer)

flyby-antalus.sh 65.418800 / 118.436325 / 388.566711 fps -- Score =
79.180466        rand[1043303418]
flyby-asbestos.sh 66.059685 / 131.265701 / 368.013977 fps -- Score =
79.876083        rand[490788002]
flyby-citadel.sh 35.431641 / 87.577637 / 241.198532 fps -- Score =
73.240891        rand[1832106459]
flyby-face3.sh 41.197289 / 99.453918 / 360.629944 fps -- Score =
70.022194        rand[130292317]
flyby-inferno.sh 51.125797 / 116.088303 / 342.385834 fps -- Score =
78.597733        rand[1964286093]

Windows 2000 (Direct3D renderer)
by-antalus.bat 56.015972 / 116.239037 / 384.414581 fps -- Score =
116.293869        rand[24756]
flyby-asbestos.bat 68.642258 / 132.815063 / 368.763214 fps -- Score =
132.929352        rand[12881]
flyby-citadel.bat 37.337688 / 95.033775 / 247.021378 fps -- Score =
95.217934        rand[20369]
flyby-face3.bat 47.524220 / 108.976746 / 332.899658 fps -- Score =
109.050018        rand[17975]
flyby-inferno.bat 45.350445 / 99.281235 / 295.591583 fps -- Score =
99.395355        rand[6293]

Note: I used export __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0 to disable vsync under Linux.

The common graphic configuration that I used were:

Resolution: 800x600
Colour Depth: 32-bits
Texture Detail: Normal
World Detail: Highest
Character Detail: Normal
Physics Detail: High
Every effect on + Trilinear filtering
Decal Stay: High

Joseph Tan

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 06:33, Pascal Lalonde wrote:
> Hi,
> after reading a few messages from the archives, I realized that my low
> performance with ut2003 on Linux is far from what it could be.
> I noticed some messages where people say they get ~50FPS on Linux,
> with something like an Athlon and GeForce2Pro. This is similar to my
> system, though I get only 10-15FPS, (or 20-40 when there is no action, or
> when facing an empty wall).
> My system is:
> Athlon 1.2gHz
> 256MB PC2100DDR
> ASUS V7100MAGIC (GeForce2 w 32MB)
> A7A266 motherboard (with the M1647 chipset)
> At first I thought it could be because of my AGP (because the nvidia
> driver disables AGP when faced with an M1647), which by default is
> disabled under both Win32 and Linux (according to the ut2003 logfile).
> Under windows, I didn't find a way to override this, but under Linux,
> they say you can modify a flag in the source code to enable AGP anyway
> at your own risk. That's what I did, and I managed to run the game with
> AGP enabled at 1x (2x and 4x simply freeze my system). But I still get
> 10-15FPS most of the time (in 640x480, low details).
> One strange thing though: they say that AGP is a crucial component and
> without it the game will be very slow. Yet, under Windows, I get
> 30-60FPS, even *without* AGP, while on Linux I get my 10-15FPS *with* AGP.
> I don't mean to do the usual apple vs. orange comparison, but this is
> such a gap that I'm thinking there is something I do really wrong.
> I thought it could've been because ut2003 writes some temporary files to
> my home dir, and since my home partition is NFS-mounted, it was slowing
> me down. But I get the same results using an ext3 fs.
> I tried playing a little with the UT2003.ini, with things like
> UseTripleBuffering, UseHardwareVS, etc. But since my performance was
> altered with barely a +2-3 FPS, I set everything back to default.
> Any success stories with a similar system?
> (I run the demo, for now. I use kernel 2.4.19, with agpgart builtin.
> I run Debian-testing, with libsdl 1.2.4-1)
> Thanks,
> Pascal Lalonde

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