[ut2003io] Differences between Linux and Windows UT2003 port

Jens-Tarek Eisheh eisheh at phc.uni-kiel.de
Mon Oct 14 12:57:47 EDT 2002

Am Montag, 14. Oktober 2002 00:44 schrieb Joseph Tan:

> 2. The Linux (and I believe Windows) OpenGL renders don't display the
> nice character shadows as the Direct3D Windows port. Not that I'm
> overtly complaining, but was a technical reason for this?

might be, that this api doesn't support some functions.
thath the used xservers/drivers do not support this
(or maybe both)

> If the OpenGL
> renderer is still in development, would we see it coming in in a future
> update?
THIS would be a nice reason to send a barrel of good beer over the atlantic... 


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