[ut2003io] optimized openal.so = more speed

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Thu Oct 10 09:55:20 EDT 2002

> Perhaps compiling the next patch/point release with GCC 3.2 or Intel's 
> C/C++ compiler would improve things a bit. If I interpreted objdump's 
> output correctly, the Linux client was compiled using GCC 2.95.3/EGCS 
> 2.91, wasn't it?

A modified 2.95.3, specifically.

gcc3 isn't stable, in my opinion, on x86 Linux yet, and I've been told 
that it doesn't offer much in terms of performance gains anyhow.

This isn't true for MacOS X, however; Apple optimized the living hell 
out of the PowerPC code generator between 2.95 and 3.x (which is why 
everyone says Jaguar feels faster...it _is_). We'll be using gcc3 for 
the OS X port.


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