[ut2003io] optimized openal.so = more speed

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Thu Oct 10 09:52:10 EDT 2002

> Perhaps a performance gain of nearly 50% is possible-or?
> <dreammode>Would Ryan/Epic provide athlon-optimized opengl 
> rederer-libs?</dreammode>

There's not much processing going on in OpenGLDrv.so (or SDLDrv.so) ... 
the workhorse is the GL driver itself. We're really just passing data 
through to OpenGL for processing.

Same is true for ALAudio.so. It just calls into openal.so to set state 
and pass pointers to buffers' data. openal.so, which is open source, 
does the heavy work (mixing, etc).

All that we would gain by sending out CPU-optimized versions of the 
closed-source libs would be bug reports, but individuals should feel 
free to tinker with their own versions of the open source parts...but I 
ask that you do this:

1) If you do, and submit bugs, please let me know you changed out a library.

2) MAKE A BACKUP, because the autoupdater will throw up when it finds a 
changed library (if we end up patching openal.so or libSDL-1.2.so or 
vorbis.so, etc in the future).


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