[ut2003io] optimized openal.so = more speed

Carsten Weinhold news.cw at gmx.net
Thu Oct 10 09:47:05 EDT 2002

Am Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2002 13:44 schrieb Steffen Klemer:
> [...]
> Has sb. tried this with optimized libsdl, libzlib and libvorbis?
> Perhaps a performance gain of nearly 50% is possible-or?

Recompiling lbsdl didn't improve anything for me. Turning off in game 
music gives me ~1 more frame, so recompiling libvorbis shouldn't make 
things much better. However, I haven't tried it yet (I play without 

> <dreammode>Would Ryan/Epic provide athlon-optimized opengl
> rederer-libs?</dreammode>

Perhaps compiling the next patch/point release with GCC 3.2 or Intel's 
C/C++ compiler would improve things a bit. If I interpreted objdump's 
output correctly, the Linux client was compiled using GCC 2.95.3/EGCS 
2.91, wasn't it?



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