[ut2003io] timedemo fps & Console Commands?

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Wed Oct 9 22:48:09 EDT 2002

Peter Bruley <pbruley at highstream.net> writes:

> Ouch
> I though the game was playing rough ......... I am only getting 15-30
> fps at 640x480dpi.

Well, 640x480 dpi (dots per inch fyi) is heck of a high resolution. I
mean, must be at least 6400x4800 pixels on a _small_ screen (sorry I
had to!)

Seriously though, I don't know if your numbers are normal but make
sure that AGP is enabled (and that UT finds it). If not, it'll be slow

However I do think your system, like mine, is really too slow for
optimal performance in UT2k3.

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