[ut2003io] timedemo fps & Console Commands?

Peter Bruley pbruley at highstream.net
Wed Oct 9 22:41:28 EDT 2002


I though the game was playing rough ......... I am only getting 15-30 
fps at 640x480dpi.

My Hardware:

AMD Duron 933mhz, 266FSB, 768MB RAM, Nvidia 32MB-GeForce2-GTS

(I get over 150fps on Quake3Arena at 600x800dpi)

This is a killer intensive progam :) I may have to upgrade.


Jesse Keating wrote:

>On Tue, 08 Oct 2002 10:23:50 -0500
>Peter Bruley <pbruley at highstream.net> wrote:
># 3) How do I display my fps rate during game play? (you could check 
># "TimeDemo statistics" in original UT)
>"stat fps" in the console.


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