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Michiel El Muerte Hendriks elmuerte at
Mon Oct 7 16:33:17 EDT 2002

A lot of people on this mailing list mirror the official UT2003
downloads for free so the rest of the world can also enjoy it, and don't
have to struggle with payed downloads, registered downloads, fileplanet,
There's only one problem, these downloads are usualy hard to find for
people, sometimes the mirrors are full and then the users have to find a
diffirent mirror.
Because of this I've written a little site that can make this easier for
the users.
I've called it "UT2003 Mirror Download Service", the site provides a
transparent redirect to a mirror that hosts the requested file. The
mirror is then moved to the back of the list. Every hour every mirror
will be checked if anything has changed on their mirror, this way the
list will stay up to date. Both ftp and http servers are supported.
Clients that have a full featured browser (Mozilla, Netscape, MSIE,
Opera) will get to see a banner of the site providing that download
before the download, other browser/download programs (like wget) will be
redirected instantly.
Only registered files will be indexed, so this will not act like a
web-spider and index every file it will find.
When a file has been registered only one "simple" url is then needed.

Location of the site:

A download via that site will then look like:

If you mirror UT2003 files then please sign up, the more the merrier.

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