[ut2003io] streamlining downloads from mirrors

Kevin Podbielniak myname at biznet.net
Mon Oct 7 17:02:04 EDT 2002

If I understand this correctly, the mirror locations rotate in the list 
once they've been selected.

For example, when the patch comes out, and you have list of 3 mirrors the 
backend, transparet to the web monkey, will look like this:

Site 1
Site 2
Site 3

The first person who hits your webpage, will get the file from Site 1, then 
the list (behind the scenes) looks like this:

Site 2
Site 3
Site 1

The second person to hit your site it will get the file from Site 2, and 
the list changes to:

Site 3
Site 1
Site 2

Is this correct?

Pretty sweet.


At 04:33 PM 10/7/02, Michiel El Muerte Hendriks wrote:
>A lot of people on this mailing list mirror the official UT2003
>downloads for free so the rest of the world can also enjoy it, and don't
>have to struggle with payed downloads, registered downloads, fileplanet,
>There's only one problem, these downloads are usualy hard to find for
>people, sometimes the mirrors are full and then the users have to find a
>diffirent mirror.
>Because of this I've written a little site that can make this easier for
>the users.
>I've called it "UT2003 Mirror Download Service", the site provides a
>transparent redirect to a mirror that hosts the requested file. The
>mirror is then moved to the back of the list. Every hour every mirror
>will be checked if anything has changed on their mirror, this way the
>list will stay up to date. Both ftp and http servers are supported.
>Clients that have a full featured browser (Mozilla, Netscape, MSIE,
>Opera) will get to see a banner of the site providing that download
>before the download, other browser/download programs (like wget) will be
>redirected instantly.
>Only registered files will be indexed, so this will not act like a
>web-spider and index every file it will find.
>When a file has been registered only one "simple" url is then needed.
>Location of the site:
>A download via that site will then look like:
>If you mirror UT2003 files then please sign up, the more the merrier.
>Michiel "El Muerte" Hendriks            elmuerte at drunksnipers.com
>TDS - Internet Services                 http://www.drunksnipers.com

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