[ut2003io] AMD Systems

Jon Erdman cio at progressivepractice.com
Fri Nov 22 13:05:04 EST 2002

you know....i was having problems recently that turned out to be my 
powersupply. i was vacuming and blew the breaker in the house. from then 
on i was getting odd lockups. i swapped my 431w enermax with my wife's 
350w sparkle...now both computers are happy.


Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> With the P4-2.4B chip running at around $200 US and a new Intel Desktop
> motherboard running about $110 US, it's only a small premium for me to
> migrate to Intel on my main system.  When you think about it, I've spent
> at least 20 hours messing around with this, and one of my other BU
> admins, with a different AMD chip, motherboard and video card (still VIA
> chipset, though) having the exact same problem and spending about 20
> hours himself, the premium is a small price to pay to put together a
> workable solution that shouldn't have any problems running UT 2003.  If
> my time is money, it's a bargain.
> BTW, no hardware problem here, no overheating here.  Note - UT 2003
> works great in Windows on this very same box.  I've swapped out DDR,
> CPU, sound card and even tried my kid's GF4 440MX card.  No go in AGP.
> I've never had a problem with AMD / MSI here.  This was exposed when
> trying to run UT 2003 in Linux.  UT 2003 apparently stresses AGP to the
> point where the 2.4.19 kernel / KT333 chipset / AMD processor (pick one
> or more) can't deal.  I'm going to chalk it up to having the wrong mix
> here, which is a problem I can easily fix.  I've used AMD and Intel
> systems interchangeably over the past couple of years (used to be 100%
> Intel), and didn't have any problems.
> Thanks for the feedback, guys.  It's not that big a deal to me anymore,
> now that I'm 100% sure I don't have defective hardware, overheating, bad
> RAM or some nasty BIOS setting.  This combo of stuff just isn't going to
> cut it.
> Pete
> -BeyondUnreal
> On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 22:40, Jon Erdman wrote:
>>i would *heartily* argee with others who say that you needent shy away 
>>from AMD as a result of this problem. i would suspect that you have some 
>>sort of hardware problem.

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