[ut2003io] AMD Systems

Peter Kemmerer qapete at beyondunreal.com
Fri Nov 22 07:26:03 EST 2002

With the P4-2.4B chip running at around $200 US and a new Intel Desktop
motherboard running about $110 US, it's only a small premium for me to
migrate to Intel on my main system.  When you think about it, I've spent
at least 20 hours messing around with this, and one of my other BU
admins, with a different AMD chip, motherboard and video card (still VIA
chipset, though) having the exact same problem and spending about 20
hours himself, the premium is a small price to pay to put together a
workable solution that shouldn't have any problems running UT 2003.  If
my time is money, it's a bargain.

BTW, no hardware problem here, no overheating here.  Note - UT 2003
works great in Windows on this very same box.  I've swapped out DDR,
CPU, sound card and even tried my kid's GF4 440MX card.  No go in AGP.

I've never had a problem with AMD / MSI here.  This was exposed when
trying to run UT 2003 in Linux.  UT 2003 apparently stresses AGP to the
point where the 2.4.19 kernel / KT333 chipset / AMD processor (pick one
or more) can't deal.  I'm going to chalk it up to having the wrong mix
here, which is a problem I can easily fix.  I've used AMD and Intel
systems interchangeably over the past couple of years (used to be 100%
Intel), and didn't have any problems.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.  It's not that big a deal to me anymore,
now that I'm 100% sure I don't have defective hardware, overheating, bad
RAM or some nasty BIOS setting.  This combo of stuff just isn't going to
cut it.


On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 22:40, Jon Erdman wrote:
> i would *heartily* argee with others who say that you needent shy away 
> from AMD as a result of this problem. i would suspect that you have some 
> sort of hardware problem.

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