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Robert Brandtjen rob at prometheusmedia.com
Wed Nov 20 23:16:55 EST 2002

On Wednesday 20 November 2002 07:56 pm, Bryce Kennedy wrote:
> I had a lot of those problems with UT2003, freezes etc. Low FPS I have
> Athlon 1700 and 2200 ti4200 card, KT333 chipset,pc2100 and now pc 2700 ram
> and after all sorts of different drivers and setting changes it ended up
> being a simple change in my bios to fix the problem. I don't want to reboot
> right now but I think I turned off agp fast write and everything else
> except 4x agp and UT2003 plays great!

IIRC, that was advice given a year ago in the nvidia/linux forums.

IIRC, Fast writes causes problems on all sorts of setups - Intel/p3-p4 

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