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I had a lot of those problems with UT2003, freezes etc. Low FPS I have Athlon 
1700 and 2200 ti4200 card, KT333 chipset,pc2100 and now pc 2700 ram and after 
all sorts of different drivers and setting changes it ended up being a simple 
change in my bios to fix the problem. I don't want to reboot right now but I 
think I turned off agp fast write and everything else except 4x agp and 
UT2003 plays great!

On Wednesday 20 November 2002 05:41 pm, Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> I've had the same problem, and have discussed it with Ryan, Daniel, and
> a very nice fellow from nVidia offlist for awhile.  I'm running 2.4.19
> on an AMD 1800XP system, motherboard uses the VIA KT333 chipset,
> VisionTek Ti4600, have tried AGPGART and nvidia drivers, various apeture
> sizes, mem=nopentium enabled, yada, yada, yada.  Here are the main
> points of our discussion and examination:
> 1)  With AGP on, any settings, UT 2003 always crashes the box hard,
> eventually.  Sometimes I get a game in, sometimes not.
> 2)  Quake 3, UT and Tribes 2, as well as all other OpenGL games I tried,
> like TuxRacer et al, work fine with AGP on, both AGPGART and nvidia.
> 3)  With AGP disabled, UT 2003 runs without crashing, but as you might
> expect, it runs so slowly in most levels that it's unplayable.
> 4)  I installed Windows on this box to see if UT 2003 would run.  Ran in
> both D3D and OpenGL without crashing.  I subsequently uninstalled
> Windows, bemem=nopentiumcause I can't tolerate Windows.  ;-)
> 5)  nVidia states unequivically that their QA has tested UT 2003 on AMD
> systems using my chipset under Linux and all is well.  They were not
> able to pin a cause down for the lockups, but suggested it might be the
> specific VIA chipset revision I have.
> So, running BeyondUnreal and not being able to play UT 2003 at all, I've
> decided to migrate to a P4-2.4B, an Intel Desktop motherboard and
> reinstall my OS.  I'll probably dual-boot this time, as Unreal 2 is not
> planning a Linux release.  My feeling is that UT 2003 is stressing the
> AGP bus to the point where it's exposing a weakness in how the Linux
> kernel handles either the AGP bus on a VIA KT333 chipset and/or the
> processor itself.  I believe that because I can run UT 2003 just fine if
> I install Windows on this very same box, and because many of you have
> been able to run UT 2003 just fine on some Linux boxes.
> I should say that, at the risk of sounding like I'm kissing some
> Epic/nVidia butt, everyone involved gave it the old 'college try', and
> it was much appreciated.  I'm fairly discouraged, though, because my
> system is 'nothing special', yet I'm unable to run UT 2003 under Linux.
> I am very hopeful that Ryan, Daniel, nVidia and people like Alan Cox and
> Linus himself get a dialog going to help improve gaming under Linux.
> Everyone on this list is Linux gamer, and I don't have to tell you how
> important getting Linux gaming up to snuff is
> Regards,
> Pete
> -BeyondUnreal
> http://www.beyondunreal.com
> On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 20:22, Gerardo Pirla Diaz wrote:
> > Ian Hastie wrote:
> > > Gerardo Pirla Diaz wrote:
> > >> I've got an Atholon 1600+. I'm using a RH-8.0 updated kernel
> > >> 2.4.18-10 with a NVIDIA TI4200 with the drivers version 1.0-3123, and
> > >> UT2k3 Kirks everytime.
> > >
> > > Not wishing to sound too think, but "Kirks"?!!!!!!!
> > >
> > > Ian.
> >
> > Hi Ian,
> >
> > I don't speak/write english very good, maybe "crashes" it's a better word
> > ?? I'm Spanish and i think "crashes" is like "kirks" !!

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