[ut2003io] Firewall

Richard Smith spam_all_you_want at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 15:35:02 EST 2002

--- QuarkExpress <quarkexpress at mchsi.com> wrote:
> If you use the default port of 7777 for your server
> you need to open
> that port up to 2 times the number of max players. 
> So if you allow 10
> players (who need 2 ports each) then you need to
> open a total of 20
> ports, with the range 7777-7796, AND if you use
> webmin you need to open
> that port (the default port is 8888) AND you need to
> open 28902 for
> stats.

I'm not running a server, I'm running a client.  I
have opened these ports:
6000:9000 UDP, 6000:9000 TCP, 28902 UDP, 28902 TCP

This is a far larger hole than I would like, and it
still doesn't work.  It downloads the list of servers
from the master, but it cannot ping them nor will it
connect to them.

The output on the console looks like this:

Resolved ut2003master1.epicgames.com ->
Connection established.
Resolved ut2003master1.epicgames.com ->
Connection established.
RecvFrom returned SOCKET_ERROR 111
RecvFrom returned SOCKET_ERROR 111

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