[ut2003io] Filtering not working

Matthew Arnold marnold at EZ-NET.COM
Tue Dec 31 17:12:01 EST 2002

Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> That's strange.  I'm running 2166 as well, and just tried a bunch of
> different combinations of filters, looking at the CTF and Bombing Run
> servers.  Everything appeared to work as per my filter requests except
> the stats server option (unless every CTF server on the planet except
> one is running stats).  No Mutators functioned correctly for me (I often
> use this filter).

I just tried the filters with 2166 and set them to look for the LowGrav 
mutator. It worked fine for me. Beyond that, I didn't play around with it 
much. Pretty busy until after New Year's.


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