[ut2003io] Filtering not working

Peter Kemmerer qapete at beyondunreal.com
Tue Dec 31 16:39:25 EST 2002

That's strange.  I'm running 2166 as well, and just tried a bunch of
different combinations of filters, looking at the CTF and Bombing Run
servers.  Everything appeared to work as per my filter requests except
the stats server option (unless every CTF server on the planet except
one is running stats).  No Mutators functioned correctly for me (I often
use this filter).

While I'm posting here, just a big thanks to Epic for providing us with
a Linux version of UT 2003 and for maintaining it.  Ryan and Daniel, we
appreciate the time you put in on it.


On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 16:18, Ian Hastie wrote:
> Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> >I know it's a simple thing, but sometimes it's the simple things that
> >matter.  Are you hitting 'Refresh List' after setting the filter? 
> >'Re-Ping Servers' won't do it - it has to be 'Refresh List'.
> >
> >  
> >
> Yes I am definitely using the refresh list option.  The list can be 
> emptied, as with the example of the Stats Server option, but Any and No 
> Stats will both list games with stats disabled.  Mutator filtering is 
> malfunctioning in a similar way.  I'm fairly sure it *was* working 
> before the 2166 patch.
> Ian.

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