[ut2003io] Filtering not working

Ian Hastie ianh at ordinal.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Dec 31 17:54:47 EST 2002

Peter Kemmerer wrote:

>That's strange.  I'm running 2166 as well, and just tried a bunch of
>different combinations of filters, looking at the CTF and Bombing Run
OK, had a look at that again.  Probably a silly question, but what 
exactly is a "Standard Server"?  I'd assumed it was one with the 
standard game, ie no mods, but possibily mutators.  Anyway, when I 
turned that option off mutator filtering worked.  In my case I was 
looking for InstaGib, but there are none close.

>          Everything appeared to work as per my filter requests except
>the stats server option (unless every CTF server on the planet except
>one is running stats).  No Mutators functioned correctly for me (I often
>use this filter).
This still didn't work for me either!

>While I'm posting here, just a big thanks to Epic for providing us with
>a Linux version of UT 2003 and for maintaining it.  Ryan and Daniel, we
>appreciate the time you put in on it.
Agreed.  It's good to see that they didn't let Linux support drop when 
the original UT had been ported to Linux.  In some ways it would have 
been nice to see it as a semi-open project, as UT was originally, but to 
be honest I'm just happy to see a Linux version. *8)


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