[ut2003io] Linux client and passworded servers: possible workaround

[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Mon Dec 30 10:03:02 EST 2002

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> Can someone who's having trouble with the Linux client and passworded
> servers try this:

Since I originally reported the 2k3 version of this bug (which btw is
worse than the classic UT version, because even using the passwd dialog
hangs the client), I'd be more than happy to give you a testbed, Ryan...
I've been dying to have this one fixed for a loooooong time...

> Take note of the server's IP address and port, and rather than connect
> via the server browser, pull down the console and type:
> open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyyy?password=zzzz

Holy crap!  It worked!  I used this on my Linux client to connect to my
Win2k test server on my LAN...  Sadly my Linux server hung overnight, so I
need to get to it and reboot it before I can test Linux client to Linux
server...  Should happen sometime today, but this still is encouraging!

I wish I had had the time to find out that console command for sending the
passwd and given it a whirl sooner...  Would have made me a ton happier!
Anyway, good luck with the real fix on this one, Ryan, and thanks for
proposing an actual working work-around!!  Will send along news if the
Linux cliet and server combo acts the same later today.

> > To make it more interesting, MacOS X clients (which are in many ways
> > very similar to Linux clients) have no trouble connecting to passworded
> > servers, either.

Is the MacOS X version out???  Please, please tell me it is!  I've got two
Mac users in my clan who've been dying for this game!!  Thanks!!


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