Linux client and passworded servers: possible workaround

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Sun Dec 29 19:59:36 EST 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>> Linux/win32 server and Win32 client has no trouble with passwords, so 
>> this is a (probably dumb) Linux client bug.
> To make it more interesting, MacOS X clients (which are in many ways 
> very similar to Linux clients) have no trouble connecting to passworded 
> servers, either.

(I love replying to my own emails...)

Can someone who's having trouble with the Linux client and passworded 
servers try this:

Take note of the server's IP address and port, and rather than connect 
via the server browser, pull down the console and type:


Where "" is the IP address, "yyyy" the port, and "zzzz" 
the password.

Please report back to me whether this lets you into the passworded 
server, or if the client still hangs. If you got the password prompt 
dialog, you had a typo, and you'll probably hang. Try again.

Again, this is just for Linux CLIENTS. If you're on win32, don't bother.

Thanks for the feedback in advance; this'll help me determine what's wrong.


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