SMPEG leak.

Robert Diel robert at
Sun Jan 19 06:32:47 EST 2003

	I was wrong about 0.3.5 it still works perfectly.  I made my
assumptions based on the fact that I was compiling using the wrong
version.  However, 0.4.3 and above definitely contains this problem, so
I am back to square one.  I will find a version of 0.4.0 to see if it
also exhibits the same behavior.  Thus, narrowing the field that much

	By the way, if push comes to shove does anyone know how I can relink my
code to the older version of SMPEG.  I tried this for a while and was
completely stumped by LD always linking first with the /usr/lib
directory at runtime.  I know this may also entail using an older
version of SDL_Mixer, and disabling some of the features of Red Hat 7.3,
but this is for a kiosk like thing, so it doesn't really make that much

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