[sdlsound] modplug

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Dec 31 04:34:11 EST 2004

> That's a shame. But how are the current modplug settings or is it not
> set at all?

Mostly, it goes with the defaults...we might have hardcoded in one or 
two settings, like reverb, though.

> One more thing, you don't happen to know somewhere were I can find a
> nice example or tutorial on how to use sdl_sound for music playback?

Create a Sound_Sample from a file, and decode it a little at a time, 
feeding it to whatever you want to playback the audio. SDL_sound only 
handles decoding audio formats into a raw PCM waveform...it doesn't 
actually play any sound itself. This is planned for 2.0 in the distant 
future, but the 1.0 versions are only meant to decode various formats.

SDL itself (which SDL_sound builds on) can play waveforms, but doesn't 
offer much in the way of mixing audio, which makes it way too complex 
for what most people want and need.

SDL_mixer, a seperate project, makes it really simple, but doesn't use 
modplug, to my knowledge (mikmod only).

The source in the SDL_sound/playsound directory shows how to decode 
audio files with SDL_sound and feed it to SDL for playback, but it's 
fairly complex (even for SDL's lowlevel playback attitude) for use as an 

I hate being so little help, sorry.


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