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Kristian Söderholm kristian at codepusher.org
Fri Dec 31 05:58:14 EST 2004

fre 2004-12-31 klockan 04:34 -0500 skrev Ryan C. Gordon:
> > One more thing, you don't happen to know somewhere were I can find a
> > nice example or tutorial on how to use sdl_sound for music playback?
> Create a Sound_Sample from a file, and decode it a little at a time, 
> feeding it to whatever you want to playback the audio. SDL_sound only 
> handles decoding audio formats into a raw PCM waveform...it doesn't 
> actually play any sound itself. This is planned for 2.0 in the distant 
> future, but the 1.0 versions are only meant to decode various formats.
> SDL itself (which SDL_sound builds on) can play waveforms, but doesn't 
> offer much in the way of mixing audio, which makes it way too complex 
> for what most people want and need.

Ok, I'll see if I manage to make something that I can use just for music

> SDL_mixer, a seperate project, makes it really simple, but doesn't use 
> modplug, to my knowledge (mikmod only).

Yes that's a little sad.

> The source in the SDL_sound/playsound directory shows how to decode 
> audio files with SDL_sound and feed it to SDL for playback, but it's 
> fairly complex (even for SDL's lowlevel playback attitude) for use as an 
> example.

I'll look in to it.

> I hate being so little help, sorry.

I think you have been a great help, now I know much more than yesterday.

Kristian Söderholm <kristian at codepusher.org>

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