[sdlsound] modplug

Kristian Söderholm kristian at codepusher.org
Thu Dec 30 19:55:17 EST 2004

tor 2004-12-30 klockan 18:57 -0500 skrev Ryan C. Gordon:
> > 1. How do I use sdl-sound to playback modules with modplug?
> Don't build in mikmod support and modplug will pick up these modules. I 
> think there was a reason we favor mikmod, but I can't remember why now. 
> There isn't a way to favor one decoder over the other, other than to not 
> compile in support for the decoder that has higher precedence.
> Is it mikmod that is broken on your modules, or how we use it?

It's mikmods emulation that seems to be the problem. I managed to
compile sdl_sound against modplug after editing configure.in and
modplug.c to match up with my debian system. It seems also that the
debian packages only are linked against mikmod.

> > 2. If possible how do I pass settings to modplug?
> You can't, without modifying SDL_sound and breaking the API's abstraction.

That's a shame. But how are the current modplug settings or is it not
set at all?

One more thing, you don't happen to know somewhere were I can find a
nice example or tutorial on how to use sdl_sound for music playback?

Kristian Söderholm <kristian at codepusher.org>

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