[sdlsound] Re: Binaries for SDL_Sound... (fwd)

Andreas Umbach marvin at cyclops.webvision.ch
Tue Feb 12 18:14:07 EST 2002

> That being said, I see two solutions:
> 1) We can sit and wait for distributions to decide that SDL_sound is worth
> including in their base package (hey, it might happen!), in which case
> someone else is maintaining binaries, while the SDL_sound project can
> concentrate on maintaining code, or

It's very probably that this will happen quickly. I'm about (ok, might
take a few more weeks) to release a new GLtron version, which is
featured in a few major distributions (SuSE, mandrake, debian),
so maybe they'll include SDL_sound when I make it a dependancy.

Also, moving SDL_mixer-1.3 to use SDL_sound would certainly speed things
up. The current SDL_mixer seriously suffers from the inability to
load mp3/ogg files as voices, and the inability to use RWops.

- Andreas

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