Autoconf working yet?

Max Horn max at
Sat Sep 29 12:11:59 EDT 2001

At 18:03 Uhr +0200 29.09.2001, Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
>  > In my, case I just completl deleted the acinclude.m4; it is simply
>>  needed for people who do not have smpeg/libmkimod/vorbis installed.
>Not without changing though, right? If I remove 
>acinclude.m4 the resulting configure script fails almost instantly. 
>Just removing the libtool stuff, as you said, works fine.


>By the way, is anyone looking into MIDI support? That seems to be 
>the last major feature that SDL_mixer has and SDL_sound doesn't. 
>Looks like it would take some work getting TiMidity ready for the 
>task though...
>(I assume TiMidity++ is out of the question unless we want to mix 
>GPL and LGPL. Though I'll admit I'm not quite sure what the 
>implications of that would be.)

Timidity alone is no solution. At least for Windows and MacOS, you 
want native midi support. If you look, SDL_mixer now has that (th 
windows driver writtebn by Florian Schulze, the mac (QuickTime based) 
midi driver written by me, modifiyng the midi driver I originally 
wrote for exult).

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