Autoconf working yet?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sat Sep 29 13:11:52 EDT 2001

> Timidity alone is no solution. At least for Windows and MacOS, you
> want native midi support. If you look, SDL_mixer now has that (th
> windows driver writtebn by Florian Schulze, the mac (QuickTime based)
> midi driver written by me, modifiyng the midi driver I originally
> wrote for exult).

In terms of SDL_sound, timidity is probably the only answer, since the API is 
(intentionally) meant to decode into a waveform in a memory buffer, which may 
or may not be going to a sound device.

When I take a hacksaw to SDL_mixer, I _will_ be leaving the native MIDI support 
in there, since it makes sense to leave that functionality, but I can't see a 
good way to do native midi inside SDL_sound itself.


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