SDL_sound 0.1.1 available.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Wed Sep 19 05:11:12 EDT 2001

I released SDL_sound 0.1.1 (and announced it on Freshmeat). There's some
code cleanups, and a decoder for uncompressed .WAV files added. For
the coders' benefit, I've included a skeleton source file for implementing
new decoders, too.

There's a ton of work to be done, still! Please take a look at the TODO file:

I am especially interested in hearing from people that will maintain ports
to other platforms. The codebase should be portable (across platforms and
processors), so it could possibly be as easy as putting together a project
file. I've got a win32 vict^H^H^Holunteer, but I would like to see at
least MacOS and BeOS ports following suit. Also, if someone has a
convenient box with another Unix flavor (BSD, Solaris, etc) I'd appreciate
knowing if SDL_sound works on them.

And decoders. As you can see in the TODO, there's lots of file types to be
supported (and a buggy MP3 decoder to be fixed). Some of these need to be
implemented (compressed .WAV formats, for example), and others just need
to be hooked up to external libraries (.OGG, .MID, and .MOD come to mind).
Someone needs to tackle this. Eventually, I'll code most of these, but
they get done that much faster if others contribute.

To y'all on the mailing list, I'm glad you're here, even if just to
spectate. Let's get hacking!


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