Changes for Win32 port

Corona688 tsm at
Sat Oct 6 22:52:57 EDT 2001

"Ryan C. Gordon" wrote:

> What sort of error are you getting from the inline keyword? It might
> just be that the syntax is different (__inline__ or something) for Visual
> C++, and I'd rather keep it in there in some form if at all possible.

The syntax for MSVC is definitely just inline.  I'm wondering now, though, if
it's the combination of static and inline that did it.  What the heck IS a
static inline, anyway?

> The .VOC seems to play here under SOX and playsound. At least, it sounds
> like the same engine under each.  :)

It wasn't just the wrong samplerate, it sounded like it was divided into four
distinct chunks rather than a normal fade-off.

> I'm betting (since the .VOC is playing at a frequency of 12048 Hz) that
> you're getting bitten by SDL's sample rate conversion problem, which it's
> been almost 24 hours since I've said, "we really need to fix that damned
> thing."  :)
> I'm making the change to ogg.c in CVS. Can you please send me the Visual C
> project files when you feel they are ready?
> --ryan.

Well, the project files are somewhat weird, and I can't gurantee that
everyone'll be able to compile it the same way.  I happen to have
ogg_static.lib etc available, but others might not.

As for MikMod, I've been unable to successfully compile it;  the MikMod guys
deigned to use makefiles for Win32 rather than an ordinary .dsw, and since my
install of nmake has issues I had to try compiling it cold turkey...  MSVC
gracefully forgot to export tons of stuff, and now I'm hunting for Win32
MikMod binaries.

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