Changes for Win32 port

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sat Oct 6 21:28:50 EDT 2001

> In shn.c, I regrettably needed to remove almost every darn inline.
> Also, I had to change
>     memcpy(internal->buffer + bw, shn->backBuffer, i);
> into
>     memcpy((char *)internal->buffer + bw, shn->backBuffer, i);
> because it complained that "void * is of unknown size". It now compiles
> fine.

What sort of error are you getting from the inline keyword? It might
just be that the syntax is different (__inline__ or something) for Visual
C++, and I'd rather keep it in there in some form if at all possible.

> When I compiled and used playsound.exe with SDL_sound.lib,
> ogg_static.lib, vorbis_static.lib, and vorbisfile_static.lib linked in,
> it worked fine with wav's, ogg's, and aif's.  It plays .VOCs, but sounds
> odd; I'm uncertain as to which is the problem, the code or the .voc.
> Lastly, I don't have a .shn handy to test it with so I just don't know.

The .VOC seems to play here under SOX and playsound. At least, it sounds
like the same engine under each.  :)

I'm betting (since the .VOC is playing at a frequency of 12048 Hz) that
you're getting bitten by SDL's sample rate conversion problem, which it's
been almost 24 hours since I've said, "we really need to fix that damned
thing."  :)

I'm making the change to ogg.c in CVS. Can you please send me the Visual C
project files when you feel they are ready?


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