Changes for Win32 port

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Oct 7 00:41:25 EDT 2001

> The syntax for MSVC is definitely just inline.  I'm wondering now, though, if
> it's the combination of static and inline that did it.  What the heck IS a
> static inline, anyway?

A module-scope symbol that can be inlined.  (*shrug*)

It should be doable; in fact, I can't imagine how inlining can be
guaranteed when the function isn't static.

This needs to be examined more closely, I think.

> It wasn't just the wrong samplerate, it sounded like it was divided into four
> distinct chunks rather than a normal fade-off.

...I won't rule out that the voc decoder is just broken on win32.

> Well, the project files are somewhat weird, and I can't gurantee that
> everyone'll be able to compile it the same way.  I happen to have
> ogg_static.lib etc available, but others might not.

When you zip up the project files, include any headers or libraries
someone might need; if they need less, they can always make changes


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