Sample properties in playsound...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Fri Oct 5 12:26:59 EDT 2001

> Yes, that makes sense. What I was thinking was that maybe it would make
> sense to have something like
>     $ playsound --ext MP3 foobar.gif
> just for testing purposes. Then again, maybe not...

We probably _should_, but I'm lazy.  :)

> Ok, so only the MOD and MIDI decoders need fixing to handle the NULL
> case? Does the included - untested - patch look sensible?

Yes, with one problem that's only partially related:

  In MikMod, is md_mixfreq a global variable?

That's going to cause problems if two separate MODs with different sample
rates are decoded simulataneously. Perhaps we should force MikMod to
always use 44100 or 22050 or whatever the first rate requested was for
every sample?

(Or we should patch Mikmod to not use global variables...what the hell
were they thinking?!)


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