Bots crash server..

Rob Willmore rwillmore at
Mon Mar 17 23:44:59 EDT 2008

Here's a question maybe someone can help me with regarding bots.

I run a threewave server and whenever I enable bots in my server startup
script, everything appears to work fine. That is, I can join the portal
select the map and game type and when I join the bots pop into existence as
well. The problem is when I log off. The bots play for a few minutes and
then the server essentially crashes. People can attempt to login to the
server, but they hang at the "awaiting snapshot" screen. Ideally, what I'd
love to see happen is for when the last human player leaves the game, to
have the game reset back to the portal. If not that, then I'd at least like
the server to not crash as the bots finish out the match where it should
then go back to the portal itself.. This is with the latest ioQuake
DEDserver btw.

Thoughts? If this is a specific Threewave problem, I apologize in advance.
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