[quake3] Bots crash server..

monk at rq3.com monk at rq3.com
Tue Mar 18 14:38:27 EDT 2008

I know this was a problem on Quake 2; letting bots sit around without a
human player would cause the server to crap itself when timelimit or
fraglimit was hit and the server tried to cycle to the next map in

I have a vague sense that the problem you describe also affects vq3.  You
might want to do a quick test without the mod to see if it's mod-specific.
 Probably the "go back to the portal" might be mod-specific but I wonder
if there's still a problem when a bot-only server cycles to the next map
in rotation.

I'd assume the proper behavior (proper meaning intuitive to a human, not
what the code says) should be for the server to go to the next map and
then wait until a human player connects before spawning the bots and
starting the map.


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