Rob Willmore rwillmore at
Thu Mar 13 11:37:41 EDT 2008

I'm looking for help with sv_dlURL. Specifically, it say to add the command
to the SERVERINFO string. Now, what exactly *is* the server info string?
This would be for a normal Quake 3 server that I want to push files via HTTP
to clients connecting with the ioQuake client. I've tried adding it to my
q3config.cfg on the server, but it doesn't appear to work. When I try to
play the game and download the custom file via HTTP, it still says it's
trying to download it from baseQ3 via UDP and not the http redirect I've set
up. The server is set up to serve via http and the ioquake client is setup
to receive files in that manner. In a nutshell, what I need is the location
to place this command and the correct format. I've been trying it in the
q3config.cfg as this: sets sv_dlURL "" with no
still seems to be pointing to the old baseq3 dir on the server.
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