[quake3] sv_dlURL

EscapedTurkey escapedturkey at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 11:58:43 EDT 2008

You're probably using the old version without the redirect.


Format for redirect:

set sv_allowDownloads "1"
set sv_dlURL "http://mydomain.com/mygamefolder"

You'll want to make a server.cfg because q3config.cfg will over-write 
itself. It's automatically generated by q3.

Rob Willmore wrote:
> I'm looking for help with sv_dlURL. Specifically, it say to add the 
> command to the SERVERINFO string. Now, what exactly *is* the server info 
> string? This would be for a normal Quake 3 server that I want to push 
> files via HTTP to clients connecting with the ioQuake client. I've tried 
> adding it to my q3config.cfg on the server, but it doesn't appear to 
> work. When I try to play the game and download the custom file via HTTP, 
> it still says it's trying to download it from baseQ3 via UDP and not the 
> http redirect I've set up. The server is set up to serve via http and 
> the ioquake client is setup to receive files in that manner. In a 
> nutshell, what I need is the location to place this command and the 
> correct format. I've been trying it in the q3config.cfg as this: sets 
> sv_dlURL "" with no luck...it still seems to be 
> pointing to the old baseq3 dir on the server.

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