[quake3] Quake 3 Raytracing Patch

Tony J. White tjw at webteam.net
Thu Mar 6 17:17:28 EST 2008

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 11:00:15PM +0100, Stephan Reiter wrote:
>    Hmm, that's odd. I added the new files with "svn add" and then execuated a
>    "svn diff" to create the patch.
>    Should have worked, I guess ... Any ideas about what might be wrong?
>    Stephan
>    Am 06.03.2008 um 22:44 schrieb Daniel Lord:
>      Had a few minutes on my hands so I tried it:
>      Error: "patch: *** malformed patch at line 10565:"
>      Didn't get too far ;-)

Yeah, I can't see why patch is choking there, but FWIW you can continue
the rest of the patch with:

tail +10565 /path/to/rt.diff | patch -p0 

This worked for me anyway.  I don't have gcc-4.2/gomp though so I can't 
build it.


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