Yes Timbo, The Site Is Moving Hosts

Zachary Slater zakk at
Sun Aug 26 22:26:43 EDT 2007

So we're moving to dreamhost entirely.
This will have a number of pros and cons, but the choice is made.:

1) No commits in the svn list.
2) There will be: An Official Wiki
3) There will be: Real Forum Software (phpbb, complain now and tell me 
what else to use, please, I know nothing about free/OSS forum stuff)
4) Whatever else you ask for
5) SVN is staying on i.o
6) I can give developers their own e-mail accounts, and can host 
sub-projects easier with their own sub-domains including SVN ((Though it 
won't be on i.o for them (Reserve yours now!))
7) lisp-cgi support

1) None of this will be working properly, immediately.
2) There won't be a Ryan around in case I get hit by a bus.
3) Some people think dreamhost sucks, I'm willing to leave that as a 
possibility, so I'll back up the site as it was.
4) I don't really have the time to fix the site to work with WordPress 
(or anything that isn't icculusnews).
5) I'm going to have to beg for money for hosting, or put up some kind 
of advertisements. Please tell me which is less appealing to you so I'll 
avoid it.
- Zachary J. Slater
zakk at
zacharyslater at

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