[quake3] Yes Timbo, The Site Is Moving Hosts

Jorge Peña jorgepblank at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 22:36:11 EDT 2007

Hey zakk, might I please beg that you use phpBB3? It's still not officially
stable, in RC5, but it is really really stable and it's a lot more better
featured, it has enhanced CAPTCHAs and stuff (The spam bots were bypassing
the CAPTCHAs on my phpBB2 installation!!). Trust me, you can't go wrong. The
only reason you wouldn't want to use it would be because it is still not
OFFICIALLY stable, but it very much is, ask anyone on the forums, IRC
channel, etc. Honestly, I think you'd fall in love with it. I just installed
it on my project's site, had it replace phpBB2.

As for not being able to use WordPress, I don't know why you would want it (Not
bashing it, I like it and use it), but what's the problem, I mean if you
want it, why won't it work or what? But anyways, I guess I mean icculusnews
shouldn't be a problem, but I may be wrong.

People who say DreamHost sucks suck, there are far more that say it's the
best evar. They sometimes have problems, but they solve them quickly, and,
well, they just have that nice 'not sold-out corporate' google feeling.
www.dreamhoststatus.com if you ever get into problems with your hosting, and
in the dream host control panel you can get an rss feed of it tailored to
your specific server so you can get news on the fly on your hosting.

As for needing money, I feel you. You can get a direct-to-paypal-for-hosting
button at https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.donations& . It
lets people donate money to your hosting using paypal, the difference is
they know that it's going directly towards hosting and not to some other
thing you might use the money for. Also, I don't mind the ads, honestly, I
mean you have to make money somehow, and I'll be sure to click them whenever
I get the chance. I prefer something not overly obtrusive though, like
AdSense. You can get phpBB mods that insert AdSense every once in a while,
if you would have gotten WordPress, integrating AdSense would have been very
easy. I mean it's not like it's hard in the first place, but it would be a
much nicer experience. You could also ad AdSense to like the title page of
the wiki or something, at the very bottom, or on the left margin would be
best possibly.

On 8/26/07, Zachary Slater <zakk at timedoctor.org> wrote:
> So we're moving ioquake3.org to dreamhost entirely.
> This will have a number of pros and cons, but the choice is made.:
> Pros:
> 1) No commits in the svn list.
> 2) There will be: An Official Wiki
> 3) There will be: Real Forum Software (phpbb, complain now and tell me
> what else to use, please, I know nothing about free/OSS forum stuff)
> 4) Whatever else you ask for
> 5) SVN is staying on i.o
> 6) I can give developers their own e-mail accounts, and can host
> sub-projects easier with their own sub-domains including SVN ((Though it
> won't be on i.o for them (Reserve yours now!))
> 7) lisp-cgi support
> Cons:
> 1) None of this will be working properly, immediately.
> 2) There won't be a Ryan around in case I get hit by a bus.
> 3) Some people think dreamhost sucks, I'm willing to leave that as a
> possibility, so I'll back up the site as it was.
> 4) I don't really have the time to fix the site to work with WordPress
> (or anything that isn't icculusnews).
> 5) I'm going to have to beg for money for hosting, or put up some kind
> of advertisements. Please tell me which is less appealing to you so I'll
> avoid it.
> --
> - Zachary J. Slater
> zakk at timedoctor.org
> zacharyslater at gmail.com
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