[quake3] ioq3 is going nowhere

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at suse.de
Fri Aug 10 03:13:29 EDT 2007

monk at rq3.com wrote:
> And I will claim ignorance on this one, but custom resolutions.  Right now
> it's in the console, r_mode -1, customheight, etc.  Why not put a new
> selection in the graphics options to allow an arbitrarily-specified custom
> resolution?  And, again I don't know if this has already been done, but
> why not add a whole mess of resolution options?  Ramp that stuff up to
> 2500x1600.  There's some de facto resolutions defined out there that you
> could throw in and boom, it's a visible, handy change.

The correct way would be to detect the list of available resolutions in the
engine and pass it down to the mod so the mod can display it in the gui.
Unfortunately the list of resolutions is hardcoded in mod code and
there is no syscall to retrieve a list of resolutions. One cannot
add new syscall as the mod wouldn't run on q3 anymore then. Well, it
would run but if you issue the syscall q3 would unload the mod.
Maybe there's a way to detect ioq3 from within the mod...

> Some of this stuff we've been exploring for RQ3.  However, it seems like
> stuff that would benefit everyone would best be done in an engine project
> like this.  Yeah, I do ask why more developers don't backport some of
> their tasty code, but I guess the flipside to that is a project like RQ3
> where we are very manpower constrained at this moment in time.  So... I
> can see why some of this stuff never makes it back into ioq3.  It's just a
> shame, is all.

Well, if you have something that makes sense in the engine and
doesn't break stuff send a patch. I doubt anyone is going to monitor
arbitary projects or web forums to pull code from there.

> Anyway, my thought is maybe the ioq3 roadmap is stuff that the ioq3 coders
> aren't all that excited about pursuing anymore.  Perhaps it should be
> revamped into stuff people are more excited in working on.  I don't know
> if that's the case, or if it's just people are busy doing other things. 
> But hey, it might be a factor.

Personally I'm sitting in front of the computer for hours at work
every day already. So I usually prefer to do nothing in my spare
time rather than to program and debug stuff.


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