[q2x] Plan of attack

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Wed Dec 10 16:08:49 EST 2003

> > Aha, the experienced open source project manager at work!
> Hardly.   What will probably happen is that I'll be too lazy to do the
> work and I'll ask icculus to give you cvs write access =)

First Q2X, and then the World!!!

> > I was thinking cvars would be in a separate state to the game
> > objects. Cvars are q2x config and not related to gameplay (?) Of
> > course they could all go in the same state and we can namespace
> > them.
> This won't work, because the subsystems may want to access cvars for
> debugging/testing and just to generally query about the state of
> things.  If you look at the cvars that Q2 uses, they're pretty much a
> catch all that covers EVERYTHING.

Ok, cvars just go in a table in game Lua state with everything else.

So... what about command format? Should the .cfg files be changed into
Lua files? Should:

	set var value


	var = value
	cvars.var = value

Of course they can stay the way they are and just the guts change. It
would seem a bit odd to have 2 scripting languages in the game though.

> > What do you mean by presentation?
> Right now the user interface, for example, is hardcoded into the
> client.  In Quake 3 this was solved by adding the "cgame" (client
> game) portion, so the game was broken down into a pure (game agnostic)
> client, a client side game portion (that knows to present game
> specific server data that the client has received), a pure server, and
> a game specific server portion.

I'll have a look at this and we'll discuss this at a later date. Do you
mean we should have a widget system etc?


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