[q2x] Plan of attack

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Wed Dec 10 16:33:29 EST 2003

> Ok, cvars just go in a table in game Lua state with everything else.


> So... what about command format? Should the .cfg files be changed
> into Lua files? Should:

New file extension, like .cfglua or something, and I'm happy just 
making it a directly executable Lua statement inside of a cvars table.

> It would seem a bit odd to have 2 scripting languages in the game
> though.

The goal is just a single scripting language.

> I'll have a look at this and we'll discuss this at a later date. Do
> you mean we should have a widget system etc?

Well, that's a by-product -- eventually, yes, a widget system of some 
sort would be nice, but the important thing is making sure that the 
game presentation is not hardcoded into the client directly.


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