[q2x] Plan of attack

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Wed Dec 10 15:50:22 EST 2003

> Aha, the experienced open source project manager at work!

Hardly.   What will probably happen is that I'll be too lazy to do the 
work and I'll ask icculus to give you cvs write access =)

> I was thinking cvars would be in a separate state to the game
> objects. Cvars are q2x config and not related to gameplay (?) Of
> course they could all go in the same state and we can namespace
> them.

This won't work, because the subsystems may want to access cvars for 
debugging/testing and just to generally query about the state of 
things.  If you look at the cvars that Q2 uses, they're pretty much a 
catch all that covers EVERYTHING.

> What do you mean by presentation?

Right now the user interface, for example, is hardcoded into the 
client.  In Quake 3 this was solved by adding the "cgame" (client 
game) portion, so the game was broken down into a pure (game agnostic) 
client, a client side game portion (that knows to present game 
specific server data that the client has received), a pure server, and 
a game specific server portion.


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