[physfs] Mac OS X usage … probably missing something obvious

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Mar 22 03:34:54 EDT 2011

> In our case, was making a static lib, but we didn't want zlib
> compiled, since that is used in 3 or 4 other libs, but we do want zip
> support enabled.
> Is that a bug with cmake, or is that just by design, or is that a user
> error didn't see the right option type of thing ?
> Was building a VS2k10 project, dunno if it matters or not.

The CMake file looks for a system-installed version of zlib (which 
Windows never has) and only gives you the option to not use our zlib if 
it finds one.

Most people integrating PhysicsFS into their projects should just copy 
the .c files in and throw away the CMake file...mostly that's meant to 
be of use by people packaging the library for Linux distros, honestly. I 
think you'll find it's easier to do it this way (add .c and .h files, 
make sure the PHYSFS_SUPPORT_xxx macros are set, be done with it). There 
isn't much good reason to try to build it as a separate library.


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