[physfs] Mac OS X usage … probably missing something obvious

buginator buginator07 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 23:58:55 EDT 2011

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 4:37 PM, Ryan C. Gordon <icculus at icculus.org> wrote:
> If you built PhysicsFS yourself (just dropped the C files into your
> project), then you'll need to add some preprocessor macros. If all you want
> is .zip support, make sure the files are compiled with PHYSFS_SUPPORT_ZIP
> defined to 1 (there is also PHYSFS_SUPPORT_WAD, etc, for other archive
> types).
> You can use the system-provided zlib on Mac OS X instead of our zlib123
> directory, as it's reliably installed on every system.
> --ryan.

Ryan, when building via CMAKE, and doing static builds, shouldn't it
define the preprocessors for you depending on what you want (zip, 7z,
In our case, was making a static lib, but we didn't want zlib
compiled, since that is used in 3 or 4 other libs, but we do want zip
support enabled.
Is that a bug with cmake, or is that just by design, or is that a user
error didn't see the right option type of thing ?
Was building a VS2k10 project, dunno if it matters or not.

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