[physfs] 1.0.0-rc1

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Jan 2 22:54:57 EST 2004

> Quick question. Does this release add the mount points feature that you
> mentioned earlier? (i.e. the ability to mount an archive as a specific
> directory in the physfs filesystem...like foo.zip/foo -> bar/, as opposed to
> a direct physical mapping...like foo.zip/foo -> foo)
> If not, what release do you plan on having that in on?

This doesn't have it. 1.0.0 is just aiming to stabilize what is there so
new development can start.

I don't have a timeframe for the mount points work, but it's not going
to take too long once 1.0.0 is out the door.


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