Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sat Jan 3 16:37:22 EST 2004

1.0.0, Release Candidate 2:


Please test.

I did basic sanity checking (made sure it compiled with and without the
packaged zlib where appropriate, opened a zip file with the test
program) on the following platforms:

- Gentoo Linux x86, gcc
- Gentoo Linux amd64, gcc
- FreeBSD 5.1, gcc
- MacOS 9.2.1, CodeWarrior 7
- MacOS X 10.2, gcc
- MacOS X 10.2, Project Builder *
- Windows XP Pro SP1, Cygwin **
- Windows XP Pro SP1, VC++6
- Windows XP Pro SP1, VS.NET
- BeOS 5 PE Max v2.1pr1, gcc
- eComStation (OS/2) 1.1, EMX ***

* Project Builder compiles the framework, but it's otherwise untested. I
hate Project Builder. If someone wants to make sure this is actually
useful, please do so, otherwise the PBProjects folder will probably
vaporize post-1.0.

** Cygwin compiles if you pass --disable-shared to ./configure. If
someone knows anything about autoconf/libtool and cygwin that can fix
this, please do so, otherwise, we'll do with static libs only for now.

*** EMX is an OS/2 port of gcc 2.8.1 (!), but it doesn't package a full
POSIX environment by default, so you have to use the hacky "makeos2.cmd"
script to build...it works fine, and generates libs that should be
linkable against non-GNU compilers. Theoretically, if someone scraped
together the right tools, the configure script should work for building
this "The Unix Way" on OS/2. These tools are out there, scattered in
bits and pieces around the 'Net, but I don't have any interest in it
myself. If there's an OS/2 guru that wants to test the configure script,
please do so, otherwise, makeos2.cmd is pretty acceptable.

There are several platforms I cannot test AT ALL, like PocketPC. If you
aren't being represented here, PLEASE test the package and report any
issues ASAP. If there aren't objections, Release Candidate 2 will become
the final 1.0.0 release.


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