[physfs] 1.0.0-rc1

Robby Dermody robbyd at p9i.com
Fri Jan 2 22:15:46 EST 2004


Quick question. Does this release add the mount points feature that you
mentioned earlier? (i.e. the ability to mount an archive as a specific
directory in the physfs filesystem...like foo.zip/foo -> bar/, as opposed to
a direct physical mapping...like foo.zip/foo -> foo)

If not, what release do you plan on having that in on?



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Subject: Re: [physfs] 1.0.0-rc1

> > Here, with my debian unstable system, the bootstrap script throws some
> > warnings:
> Don't get me started on autoconf warnings.
> Fixing those breaks it on older autoconf setups (like MacOS X,
> etc)...unless it prevents you from actually building, it's best to leave
> it be...
> autoconf/automake/libtool are such a delicate pieces...
> > As a second point, the debian package build files are quite outdated...
> I took the "debian" directory out of physfs at the request of someone
> trying to get the library added to the real Debian package system:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-mentors@lists.debian.org/msg10710.html
> Not sure what the current status of this is, but the "debian" directory
> in physfs itself was way out of date and no one wanted to maintain it,
> so it had to go.
> > And finally, I'm not sure I'm happy to see more archivers added to the
> > codebase and enabled by default. Wouldn't it be reasonable to disable
> > all archivers by default except zip? I might be wrong but I guess that
> > except zip, other archivers are only used in very few projects, thus
> > enabling them by default "uselessly" increase the size of the library.
> By default, I think more functionality is better than less, especially
> when the extra functionality adds so little overhead. I would trust
> those that have special needs would disable the archivers they don't
> need, but I'd rather have distributions pick it up with everything
> enabled than have a Doom port explain to it's users when on distro X
> (but not distro Y and Z) you need to rebuild with --enable-wad because
> distro X ships the library with the "default configuration".
> --ryan.

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