[physfs] 1.0.0-rc1

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Jan 1 22:42:41 EST 2004

> Here, with my debian unstable system, the bootstrap script throws some
> warnings:

Don't get me started on autoconf warnings.

Fixing those breaks it on older autoconf setups (like MacOS X,
etc)...unless it prevents you from actually building, it's best to leave
it be...

autoconf/automake/libtool are such a delicate pieces...

> As a second point, the debian package build files are quite outdated... 

I took the "debian" directory out of physfs at the request of someone
trying to get the library added to the real Debian package system:


Not sure what the current status of this is, but the "debian" directory
in physfs itself was way out of date and no one wanted to maintain it,
so it had to go.

> And finally, I'm not sure I'm happy to see more archivers added to the
> codebase and enabled by default. Wouldn't it be reasonable to disable
> all archivers by default except zip? I might be wrong but I guess that
> except zip, other archivers are only used in very few projects, thus
> enabling them by default "uselessly" increase the size of the library.

By default, I think more functionality is better than less, especially
when the extra functionality adds so little overhead. I would trust
those that have special needs would disable the archivers they don't
need, but I'd rather have distributions pick it up with everything
enabled than have a Doom port explain to it's users when on distro X
(but not distro Y and Z) you need to rebuild with --enable-wad because
distro X ships the library with the "default configuration".


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