[physfs] Bug in 1.9?

Bradley Bell btb at icculus.org
Mon Sep 29 13:42:20 EDT 2003

Quoting "MysticMugs2 at cs.com" <MysticMugs2 at cs.com>:

> I'm on windows so "./configure" doesn't work.. I use (Msys) SH.EXE for 
> running scripts.. I already tried "sh configure --enable-zip" but I think my
> big 
> problem is I can't run the Makefile.in, or if I can, I don't know how. I'm
> used 
> to a linux style "makefile"..  when I try "make" or "make install" Gnu make 
> says "huh?".. what do I use to run .IN files?? I've been compiling myself off
> the 
> command line and wrapping into a DLL with dlltool, which worked for the 
> previous version but apparently not the latest..
> Any tips will be much appreciated!
> -Jason

Have you tried using the Msys shell?  With that, you get a real unix prompt, and
you can do a ./configure.


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