[physfs] Packaging programs using PhysFS + ...

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Thu May 15 18:32:20 EDT 2003

Edward Rudd <eddie at omegaware.com> writes:

> LGPL allows dynamic linked.. ie. Shared Libraries.. Not statically
> linked in..
> Loki was able to statically link in libraries into their games only
> because they statically linked in libraries they owned/write that were
> LGPL'd (ie openal)  which is actually very annoying as I can't replace
> the openal library in certain games (fakk2).. But that's another issue..

You are 100% incorrect. Well, not 100% but incorrect to a large
degree. You are definitely allowed to link statically. However if you
do, you have to also provide a dynamically linked version where a user
can replace the LGPL libraries with his/her own versions.

This is how all Linux game companies I know of do (not just Loki),
when appropriate. 

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